Thinking about starting yoga?

If you have never tried Yoga before, but want to take the plunge it can be a daunting experience. Rest assured once you have made a commitment to try Yoga, you will not look back, here are a few tips and points of what to expect in your first Yoga Class as a beginner.

At Harrow Yoga, beginners are always welcome and no matter your age, race or physical ability yoga can benefit you in some way. 

The main part of the class will include Asana work (postures), that always cover all the main muscle groups. The spine and back will be stretched in all directions, bending forwards, backwards, sideways and twisting. The arms and shoulders will receive attention and your neck will also be released of any tension. In the standing postures the legs will be stretched, toned and strengthened. At Harrow Yoga we also pay particular attention to our core and abdominal muscles, building their strength in order to help support the spine and aid digestion.

The last part of the class will always involve all, or a selection of Pranayama (breathing), Meditation and Relaxation.

What to bring:

A Yoga mat if you have, otherwise you can borrow one for your first lesson.
Some water.
Comfortable loose clothing, normal gym wear is fine.
An open mind.

What not to bring:

A full stomach: ideally don’t eat before, but if you must, eat something light at least one hour before the class start time.
Your competitiveness.


You should be bare foot, socks tend to be too slippy.
Work within your own limits.
It is solely your responsibility to stop practise whenever you wish (be it for a rest, injury, pain or discomfort). 
If you have any concerns, then stop your practise and ask me for help.
Remember don’t run before you can walk. As the weeks progress you will be able to extend the postures and it will become more challenging.
Drink PLENTY of water afterwards.
Most of all …enjoy it!

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